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This fall we announced some enhancements to the membership experience by implementing a new membership structure that acknowledges how we are all Allies and support the A&M community in a variety of ways. The membership levels are as follows:

  • Full-Member: These Allies have completed training and committed to maintaining updated training (every three years) and payment of annual membership dues ($25).
  • Associate Member: These Allies have either completed a training session (not within the past 3 years) or maintained payment of annual membership dues.
  • Sponsors: These Allies and organizations have shown their support through monetary contributions and service.
    • Maroon & White Level: $26-50
    • 12th Ally Level: $51-150
    • Reveille Level: $151-300
    • Century Level: $301+


To pay your annual membership dues:

Aggie Allies is funded solely from personal donations and membership dues. In order to provide programming and help others join our cause, we need funds to do it. Annual Membership dues are $25.


Update your Ally Workshop training:

Register online at:

ALLY Placard

Look for the ALLY placard outside campus offices and residence hall rooms. It's your sign that inside is a "safe haven" for people wishing to talk about lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender issues.

Note: If you need your placard replaced please email Aggie Allies at with your name and mail stop.


Placard  2004 -present


Placard 1999-2004


Placard 1993-1999




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