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This fall we announced some enhancements to the membership experience by implementing a new membership structure that acknowledges how we are all Allies and support the A&M community in a variety of ways. The membership levels are as follows:

  • Full-Member: These Allies have completed training and committed to maintaining updated training (every three years) and payment of annual membership dues ($25).
  • Associate Member: These Allies have either completed a training session (not within the past 3 years) or maintained payment of annual membership dues.
  • Sponsors: These Allies and organizations have shown their support through monetary contributions and service.
    • Maroon & White Level: $26-50
    • 12th Ally Level: $51-150
    • Reveille Level: $151-300
    • Century Level: $301+


To pay your annual membership dues:

Aggie Allies is funded solely from personal donations and membership dues. In order to provide programming and help others join our cause, we need funds to do it. Annual Membership dues are $25.


Update your Ally Workshop training:

Register online at:

Facilitator Interest Form

Attend an Aggie Allies workshop recently? Are you interested in serving as an Aggie Allies workshop facilitator?


Ally Workshops are hosted throughout the academic year on Sundays from 2-5pm and on Wednesdays from 5:30-8:30pm, along with special workshop requests from offices or organizations on campus.


If you are interested in serving as a facilitator, please review and submit the application here.


If you are selected to serve as a new facilitator, you are required to:

  • Attend the Facilitator Training (Usually offered at the beginning of each semester)
  • Shadow two (2) workshops, preferably in the same semester
  • Facilitate first Workshop partnered with an experienced Allies facilitator
  • Review facilitation technique materials and attend facilitation trainings offered
Please let us know your availability during business hours and particularly during Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons.
Applicants are not guaranteed a facilitator role. Outside of leading workshops, are there other volunteer roles you might like in Aggie Allies or other skills you could contribute to the organization?